Quick Start Guide Natural Gas Utilities


• A 74-year-old woman was found dead in her home of acute CO poisoning. Family members—who came from out of town to attend her funeral—were also overcome by CO while staying at her home. Investigation of this incident revealed the vent pipe for a floor furnace had rusted through. It also showed the gas company had performed a periodic meter change two years earlier. The service technician wrote in his report at the time that a small leak was repaired at the meter riser shutoff, and the range and water-heater pilots were re-lit. The report also stated, without explanation, that the floor furnace was not lit. Educating the public about proper equipment installation and maintenance as well as the benefits of CO alarms can help prevent CO incidents. Additionally, many natural gas utility technicians have the opportunity to observe and, if qualified, correct situations posing a danger of CO accumulation when they enter customer premises, light pilots, service natural gas appliances, or otherwise witness natural gas appliance installation and operation.

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