Quick Start Guide Natural Gas Utilities


What: Core Messages The core message is the most important point or essential idea to be understood and remembered by the target audience. The message for this topic is: Damage to a gas pipeline or service to a house may create an explosion resulting in injury, death, severe property damage, and loss of vital service. Help prevent damage to buried natural gas pipelines by notifying your local one-call (811) system before you dig, trench, drill, grade, excavate, or move earth in any way. This free service will arrange to have buried natural gas lines and other utilities located and marked, so you can dig safely in the area where these lines are buried. This message should be supported with instructions for safe excavation. For example: • Delineate your dig area in white, so one-call system locators can easily identify the dig area and locate and mark buried utilities in the area. • Notify the one-call system by dialing 811 or making an online request. • Wait the required time for buried lines in your dig area to be located and identified. • Respect the marks and maintain them while digging. • Dig with care near buried facilities, and follow hand-excavating rules. • Immediately contact the local natural gas utility if you hit, touch, scrape, or damage a natural gas pipe. Even a small gouge, dent, crease, or scrape may cause future safety problems. • Include information about the dangers of right-of-way encroachments for customers who adjoin your pipeline rights of way.

For additional information and resources, visit Common Ground Alliance and call 811 .


Developing a Public Safety Communications Program

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