Quick Start Guide Natural Gas Utilities

The first and most important reason to invest in a Public Safety Communications Program is to save lives. Utility customers, emergency officials, excavators, construction workers, and the general public live and work around natural gas infrastructure every day. That means there is a need for both ongoing education and regular reminders of how to be safe around natural gas utilities. This document can be used at any stage of your program, whether you’re just getting started or are well on the way in developing your utility’s Public Safety Communications Program.


Key Safety Messages to Consider in Your Communications



Use this guide to help formally organize your Public Safety Communications Program or to generate new approaches to promoting utility public safety and hazard awareness. This information is suggested as a public service and not as a reflection of a legal duty owed by a utility to its customers, the general public, or any other group. These public safety communications provide a collateral benefit of reducing the opportunity for utilities to be needlessly drawn into litigation and potential liability

exposure, in addition to their primary purpose of incident prevention and lives saved.

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