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• An 8-year-old boy received severe burns resulting in amputation of both arms and other injuries after he entered a substation and contacted an energized busbar. The boy was able to crawl into the substation under the perimeter fence. He then climbed up a steel support structure and contacted an energized bus bar. • A 14-year-old boy incurred third-degree burns over 50% of his body and suffered injuries to his arms requiring amputation of both arms below the elbows when he contacted a substation 13 kV busbar. He and his friends were chasing rabbits. They climbed over the main entrance gate and entered the substation. The boy in question, still pursuing the rabbit, then climbed an internal fence enclosing substation capacitors and contacted the energized busbar. • Two men entered a substation in an attempt to steal copper for scrap value. They gained entry by scaling the seven-foot security fence. One man climbed up on a circuit breaker to cut the energized 34 kV leads to the lightning arrestors and bushings. He made contact with the top of one of the bushings and caused a flash-over. The man was thrown from the top of the circuit breaker by the flash. It is believed that the man on the ground extinguished his partner. The injured man passed away six days later. These tragic incidents, which may have been prevented if the individuals involved were aware of the hazards associated with electric substations, reinforce the importance of utility Public Safety Communications Programs.


Developing a Public Safety Communications Program

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