Quick Start Guide Natural Gas Utilities


The core message should be supported with the following secondary messages:

• If you own a home or property served by natural gas, be aware of the location of buried fuel lines on your property. • Buried natural gas piping should be: – Regularly checked for safety and inspected for leaks by a qualified technician

– Periodically inspected for corrosion if the piping is metallic

– Repaired if any unsafe condition is discovered, or the flow of natural gas should be shut off

• When planning to excavate, buried natural gas fuel lines should be located and marked in advance of plans to excavate. Excavating performed near these lines should be done by hand. • In addition to locating buried customer-owned fuel lines, you should notify your local one-call (811) system before you dig, trench, drill, grade, excavate, or move earth in any way. This free service will arrange to have utility-owned natural gas lines and other utilities located and marked, so you can dig safely in the area where these lines are buried.


Developing a Public Safety Communications Program

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