Quick Start Guide Natural Gas Utilities


Who: Key Audiences & Languages Your audience is anyone living in areas subject to icy conditions and heavy snowfall who is responsible for the maintenance of natural gas service equipment. This may include customers and members of the general public who have maintenance responsibilities. Consumers • New and existing customers • Males and females 18 years and older • Multi-unit and commercial property owners and managers What: Core Messages The core message is the most important point or essential idea to be understood and remembered by the target audience. The message for this topic is: Snow and ice can damage natural gas meters and pipes and interfere with the safe operation of your natural gas appliances. Use a broom to keep natural gas service equipment clear during the winter. Chimneys and vents for natural gas appliances must be cleared following a major snow or ice storm to enable proper venting and prevent carbon monoxide accumulation. (See “Carbon Monoxide Awareness” section, page 45.)


Developing a Public Safety Communications Program

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