Quick Start Guide Natural Gas Utilities


Incidents • Heavy snowfalls in California, Nevada, and Utah damaged natural gas service equipment. Consumers compounded the problem by clearing their roofs. Several fires occurred, causing 20 injuries and six deaths. • A series of heavy snowfalls and subzero temperatures caused damage to natural gas distribution facilities, resulting in numerous incidents. The damage was related to stress from snow and ice as well as frost heave. The impact of falling snow and ice from roofs also caused damage. • Moisture accumulations in equipment, regulators, and relief valves blocked by snow and ice have prevented them from functioning properly. • Numerous injuries and deaths from CO have been attributed to exhaust and combustion air vents for natural gas appliances blocked by snow and ice. These tragic incidents, which may have been prevented if the individuals involved were aware that accumulated snow and ice can damage natural gas service equipment, reinforce the importance of utility Public Safety Communications Programs.

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