Quick Start Guide Natural Gas Utilities


3. Advertising/Traditional Media Paid media effectively reaches large numbers of the general public. Since the messaging is a public service announcement, you may be able to negotiate lower fees with the media. However, be aware of the trade-offs; in exchange for lower fees, broadcast media may run your announcements in the dead of night, when few stakeholders are awake to hear your safety message. Media buyers or brokers can be a useful resource for determining the most effective media buy for your utility. Television TV can be efficient in reaching large audiences. TV media plans can be costly, especially when the schedules include network affiliates during primetime, evening, and late-night news programs. Local cable and satellite service programming can be more cost-effective but will reach fewer viewers than network programming. Production costs must also be considered. Radio In most markets, radio is more cost-effective than TV for reaching large target audiences. It has low production costs, especially when you supply radio stations with scripts. Newspapers Newspapers can effectively reach large audiences; however, readership of large-market newspapers has declined in recent years. Newspaper advertising is recommended as a supplement to radio and/or TV campaigns. Magazines General interest magazines as well as ones that feature special interests—such as home remodeling or gardening—can be a good promotional vehicle. Consider either magazines that are published in your region or a regional media buy for national magazines. Billboard and Transit Ads Billboards, transit advertising, and other forms of outdoor advertising are recommended only as supplements to other media if budget permits. Outdoor advertising increases frequency—the number of

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