Quick Start Guide Electric Utilities


Who: Key Audiences The general public, municipalities, retailers, and contractors are the targets for messages and education relating to this topic. General Public • Property owners • Homeowners • Renters

Municipalities • Highway departments • Public works departments • Forestry departments Retailers/Landscapers • Nurseries • Home and garden stores • Landscapers

What: Core Messages The core message is the most important point or essential idea to be understood and remembered by the target audience. For this topic, the core message is: Choose the right tree for the right place. When planting in the vicinity of overhead electric distribution lines, select trees with a mature height of less than 25 feet; near transmission lines, plant only low-growing shrubs, and only outside of the right of way. Consult with the local electric utility and/or nursery or landscape professionals about the proper trees for the intended planting locations.


Developing a Public Safety Communications Program

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