Quick Start Guide Electric Utilities


Who: Key Audiences Firefighters are the target audience for this topic.

What: Core Messages The core message is the most important point or essential idea to be understood and remembered by the target audience. Firefighters require detailed training (far beyond that necessary for the general public) in identifying and avoiding the potential hazards associated with electricity; thus, a singular core message does not suffice.

At a minimum, firefighter training should include:

• Basic electrical theory • The causes of electrical fires

• Utility electric power system components, including power plants, transmission and distribution lines, substations, and transformers • Safe approach distances to overhead power lines and downed power lines (circle of safety) • Rescue procedures for vehicle incidents involving downed power lines • Incidents involving high-reach equipment contacting electric lines • Structure fires and electrical hazards • Underground electric vault fires • Photovoltaic system fires • Fires in high-voltage commercial and industrial installations • Electric utility facility fires (e.g., power plants, substations, overhead and underground electric distribution equipment) • Understanding and treating electric flash and contact injuries


Developing a Public Safety Communications Program

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