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Incidents • A 5-year-old boy sustained serious electric burn injuries when he reached into a 4.8 kV live front, padmounted transformer. The child suffered multiple amputations. The transformer had been damaged and opened by vandals. • A 6-year-old boy sustained second- and third-degree burns to his left hand and the side of his head, as well as a seven inch burn laceration, when he stuck his hand or a stick into an unlocked 4 kV padmounted transformer. At the time of the contact, the child was attempting to chase a cat from the unlocked and open transformer. Neighbors stated the transformer lock had been missing for at least three months prior to the incident. The transformer had only a single locking mechanism, was covered with graffiti, and had no warning signs on the outside or inside. These incidents reinforce the importance of a Public Safety Communications Program. Although there were other contributing factors, the problems associated with the padmounted equipment could have been recognized and reported by the public before the incidents occurred had they recognized the obvious hazards.


Developing a Public Safety Communications Program

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