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Who: Key Audiences & Languages The general public; elementary, middle, and high school students; crane and high-reach equipment operators; and certain types of construction and maintenance workers are the prime target audiences for this topic. In addition to these and what was provided in the “Who” portion of Section 02, page 15. Examples of key audiences for this topic may include: General Public

• Adults • Minors

Students • Elementary schools • Middle schools • High schools • Vocational schools and programs

Contractors/Skilled Workers • Crane/aerial-lift/scaffolding/derrick equipment operators • General contractors • Roofers, painters, and siding and gutter installers • Concrete pump truck operators • Heavy equipment operators • Billboard erectors and operators • Cellular tower erectors and operators • Agricultural workers, including irrigation system installation contractors and other agricultural service providers • Tree trimmers, landscapers, and ornamental shrub and tree companies • Loggers and others involved with forestry services

• TV van operators • Cable TV installers


Developing a Public Safety Communications Program

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