Quick Start Guide Electric Utilities


These records should be retained for a minimum of five years, or longer if called for in the program definition. This documentation may be needed as evidence in future litigation.

Risk Management & Continuous Improvement

As your utility gets into a rhythm of identifying audiences and delivering key messages through specific, integrated channels, the next step is to sustain and continuously improve the program. This should be done through analyzing data from a combination of sources, including effectiveness evaluations, trend and risk information, and data-driven industry best practices. Newly identified risks and opportunities for improvement should be captured through the revision of your program goals before implementing the next round of strategies and tactics. Using this approach and working with your organization’s leadership and program sponsors, public safety communications can be a key part of your risk management strategy. Additional Resources Trade associations, government agencies, and private organizations offer additional information and materials that may be valuable in the development and implementation of Public Safety Communications Programs.


Developing a Public Safety Communications Program

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