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Effectiveness Evaluation A critical element of your program is evaluating how effective it is in changing your audience’s understanding and actions. To know what your program has accomplished, you first have to gather baseline data. The baseline data should be gathered before the program is introduced, then compared to a second survey conducted after the program is completed. Additional surveys may be needed during the course of the program, or after the program activities have been completed. Evaluation allows programs to be continually monitored and modified to achieve the best possible results. Surveys are best conducted by independent contractors who have the experience and resources needed for large projects. Program Documentation An essential element in managing an effective Public Safety Communications Program is documentation. • A statement of purpose and commitment • Key team members, their roles, and their responsibilities • Identification of safety issues to be addressed • Listing of all strategies, tactics, media, and schedules implemented • Samples of all materials produced • Mailing lists used or media placement orders with clippings of the actual insertion • Program effectiveness evaluation results Among the items that should be documented are:


Developing a Public Safety Communications Program

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