Quick Start Guide Electric Utilities


1. Public Education Public education materials should be developed specific to the message and audience. These may include:

• Bill stuffers

• Direct mail

• Email/newsletters/blogs

• Safety brochures/posters

• Displays at health and safety fairs, home improvement shows, events, and malls

• Website information

• “Day One” information package

• Safety messages when new service is established

• Reminders such as magnets and stickers

2. Public Relations An effective public relations program can deliver safety messages through newspaper articles as well as broadcast news and public affairs programming. Because of the seriousness of utility public safety, the media may be receptive to picking up these stories. Consider working with the local fire department, which can add credibility and impact to messaging campaigns. An effective public relations program may include: • A spokesperson • Press releases with data, facts, and requested actions • Media interviews • Public service announcements • Incident press releases, should an incident occur in your market


Developing a Public Safety Communications Program

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