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Some factors to consider in making your decision include:

• Print and Broadcast Media If your market supports commercial TV, radio stations, or newspapers in languages other than English • Your Billing Department If your company sends bills out in languages other than English • Your Marketing Department If your company produces promotional materials in languages other than English • Healthcare/Emergency Service Providers If your local hospitals, police, and fire departments produce literature or train their people in languages other than English • Local and State Governments If your local or state governments produce materials or conduct official proceedings in languages other than English • Census Data The U.S. Census provides detailed information on the number of non-native English-speaking people in every area of the U.S.

To find information for your area, visit the Explore Census Data * website.

Cultural differences can also present challenges. Part of your market may include people who have a different experience with utilities and public safety. These differences should be identified and addressed by an effective communications program.

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Developing a Public Safety Communications Program

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